bold business moves to make this year

Welcome to episode 22 of the Free and Fearless Podcast where you’ll hear me share 12 things you can do by the end of the year to move your business forward. There’s still plenty of time to focus on the revenue-generating activities, reach your annual income goals and even go beyond that, make a scary investment, or do something uncomfortable online that will change your whole life in the next years thanks to what it can lead to.

To get something out of this episode, I challenge you to pick at least 1 of the 12 ideas I’ll share and actually do it in the next months. Overcoming the resistance once will totally change your mindset regardless of what happens next, and you’ll actually enjoy business more and will be more willing to try other bold moves.

Tune into the episode below:

Show Notes:

  • [06:03]如何了解您是否实际销售
  • [08:19] Do this to free up time so you can work on bigger things in your business
  • [10:10] How to know if it’s time to change direction
  • [11:06] 1 move to increasing customer lifetime value
  • [13:34] How to give your audience what they want and need
  • [15:29] A fun exercise to help you stretch your imagination and uncover limiting beliefs
  • [18:18] How to monetize your next offer before you create the content



1. Release an offer



If not, you aren’t selling. And without that, chances are you aren’t getting any further.

Not only do you need to have at least 1 offer, but you need to be perfecting your messaging, updating the content inside, growing your audience and promoting that same offer to them in a way that speaks to your ideal client.


So there’s a lot you can be doing at any moment to grow your business and to sell and promote what you currently have or what you’re planning to release some time soon.


I talked about this in episode 20so you can check it out.

It’s all about why most freelancers, bloggers, coaches and course creators underprice their work and what they can do about it to not just start charging what they are worth – which is the so-called value-based pricing model – but even double their income thanks to that.

If you’re ready to take this step right now though, it simply comes down to raising the price of your services, product, coaching package, or whatever else you offer.

With this, you take your power back. Because you don’t need to follow what others in your niche are doing or telling you to do and you can give yourself permission to raise your rate whenever you want because this is your business and you’re trying to create your dream version of it.

3. Hire someone to help you out.

Whether it’s an accountant, a VA that will just manage your email and complete some basic tasks, or one that you’ll outsource your podcast editing to, or maybe even hire a podcast manager for that, there are a million things you can outsource. But it takes some courage to actually look for a person, hire someone (even if it’s for a few hours a month), start paying them, and show them how you want things to be done.

Once you do that, though, you’re acting and thinking like a CEO. To be the best business owner you can be, your focus and time need to be invested in the 5% activities. The ones that are directly related to generating revenue, the ones only you can do, the ones you are passionate about, and those that are all about the vision of the business – meaning that you decide what’s next and how you’ll get there.

每周释放几个小时通过外包对VA重复的东西可以允许您创建一个新产品,参加商务课程,播放您的电子邮件列表,主电子邮件营销,有更多的教练客户,开始播客和许多其他伟大的事物beplay通用这样可以帮助你量子飞跃without even realizing.

4. Outline your first or next product




有可能你厌倦了你的工作re currently doing. Maybe it’s the topics you cover. I see many new people in business that are trying hard to make it in one field or with a certain business model such as providing services or coaching, but it’s not their calling. It’s not what comes当然对他们来说,这不是让他们在早上醒来并打开笔记本电脑的兴奋剂。


So maybe it’s time to give yourself permission to change directions in business, assuming you don’t do that often and have really given your current idea a chance.


快速的东西可以做到这一点可以导致boosting your income并测试人们如何从您购买的是添加upsell。


Upselling is one of the coolest sales strategies and it means encouraging people to buy a more expensive, premium version of the product they’re purchasing, or offer an additional one that will help them make the best of what they’re interested in. That could be anything as long as its value is bigger.

The goal is to make those who already want to buy from you, invest more. That increases your average order value from a customer sale as well as thelifetime value of a customer,这两个是任何业务的关键指标。beplay通用

7. Start an email list if you haven’t already.


如果你仔细看一下6- or 7-figure entrepreneurthat’s been in business for many years and is living a great life next to that, you’ll notice the real action is happening inside their community.




So if you’ve been thinking about starting an email list but haven’t yet because maybe the technical side of it scares, there’s still chance to do it before the next year, after which you can focus on growing it.

有很多教程,有很多关于如何快速设置电子邮件列表或从一个电子邮件营销工具到另一个电子邮件营销工具切换。I use and recommend ConvertKit.

8. Ask your audience what they want.


The biggest waste of time online is to create something great but which people simply don’t need and don’t want. Sometimes they might want it, but what if it’s not an actual problem that needs a solution they are willing to pay for?

That’s why you need to get answers from them. For example, I always encourage email subscribers to reply to my newsletters or even the automated emails I send when they first join my list. I ask them to tell me what they are struggling with, what questions they have or what they think about the content I just shared.


On the podcast, at the very end of each episode, I invite you to share your biggest breakthrough with me and connect with me on Instagram. Speaking of which, it’s a great tool to get answers from your people in a casual way such asquestion stickers and quizzes on Stories,评论帖子并与DMS中的人员参与。



If there is a course or coaching program or membership you’ve been thinking about joining for a long time, why not just do it?

It might be a big investment, you might not be sure if it’s for you, and maybe you even doubt your ability to actually do the work it takes once you’re inside the program. But nothing will happen unless you actually make that payment and get to the content.

10. Plan the next 5 years of your business.


It doesn’t mean you’re deciding what future you’re going after. You can never know where your business takes you and that’s one of the best things about it. The goal here is to stretch your imagination, to dream bigger even if it’s just on paper, to see what income goals and business ideas make you feel uncomfortable and to analyze why that happens.

Many times when I’ve done that, interesting feelings and conclusions come up. At some point when I was aiming at a higher income, I found out that I actually wasn’t ready to make that kind of money and was sabotaging myself.

Then I got to the deeper reasons why I felt that way and it turns out I didn’t want too much attention online or in my life, I didn’t want to make other people in my life uncomfortable, and I just wasn’t sure if I was worthy of that amount of money.


So once I found these limiting beliefs, I knew that no sales strategy or new business idea or more work could get me to that income. Because I first had to do the even harder work – the mindset shift. That means I started not just removing these limiting beliefs but re-framing them and that takes a lot of time.




Maybe you’ve been blogging for years but are now also podcasting, like me. Well what I do now is publish my episodes on the blog with transcript, so it’s also an article and search engines can crawl and rank it.


Another example could be doing your bookkeeping if you don’t find it interesting. This is your invitation to get a bookkeeper and with that you will be crossing 2 items off today’s list. You’ll be making 2 bold moves at the same time – letting go of an activity that you don’t need to do and hiring someone.


That’s what I just did and it also took courage. You really need to believe in yourself and your future offer and to have a big vision for it to start getting people excited for it.


That’s how many people launch all the time – they monetize something before they even create it.

And these are the 12 bold business moves I wanted to share today. Now tell me, which one scares you the most, excites you the most, or just triggers you? In any case, I think that’s the move you need to make right away.